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TEAL Project Benefits 2018

Apply for 2018-19

Districts and charter networks that complete the TEAL requirements will receive:

  • $500 in funding for supplies, teacher release time or substitute pay per district/charter
  • No-cost Arts Integration professional development for K-6 TEAL coaches

  • At no-cost, participants will have access to:
    • online learning modules in arts integration
    • arts integration webinars (can be used as site PD) that include strategies and modeling
    • online professional community
    • specialists in arts and technology education and integration

* Funds will be released upon completion of TEAL requirements.

Each participating district/charter network will select two NEW TEAL coaches for their district/charter.

They can be:

  • teachers, administrators, PBIS leads, school psychologists, counselors and/or expanded learning staff members

TEAL Coach Responsibilities

Attend the no-cost, a two-day professional development for K-6 TEAL coaches being held on September 10th & October 18th or November 2nd & December 10th.

Coach Responsibilities (Deliverables) for their districts/charters

  1. participate in the TEAL online professional learning community (PLC) by posting twice a month sharing pictures and videos of your TEAL work with your students and commenting to other participants
  2. lead in-person PDs and/or workshops to teachers and administrators at your school or district, focused on the TEAL content from TEAL
  3. provide sign-in sheet(s) for PDs & workshop training(s)
  4. participate in 3 TEAL webinars
  5. complete TEAL online survey.

TEAL Administrator Responsibilities

  • Provide Project support and facilitate outcomes in collaboration with the TEAL support team
  • The administrator is invited to attend the no-cost professional development to engage in arts activities and learning.

Apply for 2018-19