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The Goal of TEAL and Supporting Objectives

The goal of the three-year Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL) Project is to increase the knowledge and skills of K-6 pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators throughout Los Angeles County in the fundamentals and best practices of arts integration. This includes identifying the connections between the Visual and Performing Arts Standards for the State of California and the California Common Core State Standards. Important TEAL objectives that support this goal include stimulating interest and enthusiasm for arts integration in the classroom by engaging pre-service and in-service Los Angeles County K-6 educators in practical, high-interest and inspiring content and activities. Visual and Performing Arts educators and arts integration specialists design the no-cost professional development.

TEAL gives educators access to professional development through the blended learning model. The blending learning model combines online and in-person interaction to provide content and support for arts integration in the classroom, to the benefit of K-6 students.

The online modules will furnish content that is unique to each of the Visual and Performing Arts disciplines, including dance, music, theatre, and the visual and media arts. Teachers and administrators will learn methods of integrating the learning objectives of these art forms with other subject areas. In addition, TEAL facilitates a learning and sharing arts integration community using webinars and online networking.

The objectives that will support and facilitate the three-year goal of TEAL are:

  • Engage pre-service and in-service educators in useful, high-interest and inspiring content and activities to support arts integration with K-6 students
  • Introduce K-6 pre-service and in-service teachers to the meaning, practice, and instructional benefits of arts integration
  • Familiarize teachers with the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools and their connections to the Common Core State Standards
  • Using in-person arts integrated experiences, as well as online and in-person support and resources. TEAL will develop K-6 educators’ ability to design and/or revise existing lessons that align the Visual and Performing Arts Standards with the Common Core State Standards and standards in other content areas.
  • Increase the participant's’ level of comfort and confidence in implementing arts integrated lessons
  • Develop a repository of resources for professional learning, support, and strategies related to arts integration
  • Facilitate a community for arts integration using online communication, networking and monthly webinars

The TEAL project provides a means by which Los Angeles County districts and charter networks are able to build capacity in the area of K-6 arts integration that will reinvigorate arts education.